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Parents and caregivers are critical for a child’s success and improvement.  We offer various sessions that may be of interest to you. Your child does not need to be enrolled in our treatment programs for you to participate in these sessions. Please check the calendar to determine if there is an upcoming discussion topic that you would find interesting or helpful. Please contact us to let us know if you have a topic you would like us to explore or if you have an area of expertise that you feel would benefit parents and caregivers. 

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We value communication and consultation with your teachers and other service professionals. We know that therapy services are one part of your child’s success and development. We will collaborate with parents, siblings, caregivers, teachers and other professionals as appropriate for your child to help them meet their potential in all environments. As you would like and as is possible we will work with your child’s other team members to provide consultative treatment for your child as we believe that a cohesive team working with your child will increase his or her success. 



Your child’s treatment recommendations may include individualized 1:1 therapy.  We have an open, bright therapy center with a large array of fine motor, gross motor, sensory and visual perceptual equipment.  Your child will be able to participate in therapy that is tailored to address his or her unique needs. Individual treatment may include Sensory Integration, Gross Motor Skill Development, Fine Motor Skill Development, Handwriting, Visual Perceptual Skill Development, Developmental Play, Scissor Skill Development, Bi-lateral Coordination and Improvement in Performance with Activities of Daily Living.

Some children benefit from interacting with other children as they improve their skills.  We offer group sessions in various areas such as Fine Motor Skill Development, Handwriting Groups and Developmental Play. These group sessions will be developed based upon the need and ages of the children.  Please discuss these groups with your child’s therapist, check the group therapy calendar or contact us to let us know the groups you may be interested in for your child. These group therapy sessions will be offered one time a week for several weeks.

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We know that varied treatment options may benefit your child. As such we offer camps as another treatment option.  Camps are short term, intense treatment options that are designed to address specific skill development. Camps will be offered for a few hours a day 4 to 5 days a week for a one to two week period. Please check the calendar or the Camps & Groups tab to determine upcoming camps that may be of interest for your child. Examples of camps include:

  • Pre-Handwriting/Handwriting
  • Fine Motor Fun
  • Getting Stronger
  • Pre-school Play
  • I Am Ready For Kindergarten (Ready Set Kindergarten)
  • Play and Grow
  • My Brother or Sister and Me

Individualized 1:1 Therapy


Parent and Caregiver Support

Group Therapy

If your child has participated in an evaluation by a licensed OT or SLP, we will review this evaluation and develop a treatment plan for your child.  If your child has not yet completed an evaluation we will gladly complete a comprehensive evaluation for your child.  We develop individualized evaluations for your child including assessment of fine motor, gross motor, sensory, visual perceptual, handwriting and activity of daily living skills.  This comprehensive evaluation will allow us to determine if your child requires services.  If therapy services are needed we will work with you, the parent or care giver, to determine a plan that best meets the needs of your child. Find out what to expect at an evaluation here.

Services We Offer

We provide OT and SLP services that encompass the needs of your child from evaluation through discharge and success.  We offer a variety of treatment options including traditional 1:1 therapy services as well as group sessions and camps. Additionally we offer caregiver support and consultation with the other service professionals working with your child as you request.  Please check our calendar for upcoming events.