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Our Goal

Our mission is to provide child centered, evidence based occupational therapy services for children and adolescents in a nurturing and friendly environment to encourage your child’s success at home, school and everyday life.
We employ qualified individuals dedicated to the success of your child. 

Our Services

We offer a variety of services and treatment options tailored to your child’s unique needs including: Evaluations, Individualized 1:1 treatment, Group therapy sessions, Camps, Parent and Caregiver Support and Collaboration with teachers and other service professionals.

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Camps & Groups

We know that varied treatment options may benefit your child.  As such we offer camps & groups as another treatment option for your child.

Let Us Join Your Child’s Treatment Team

We know that therapy services are one part of your child’s success and development.  We will collaborate with parents, siblings, caregivers, teachers and other professionals as appropriate for your child to help them meet their potential in all environments. Parent, caregiver and professional education is important to us.

The Therapy Garage offers Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech Language Pathology.  We accept Cigna; Blue Cross Blue Shield; as well as United Healthcare insurance for all therapy services.

We take pride in providing comprehensive therapy services designed for your child’s individualized needs.