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Stacey O’Keefe, M.Ed.
Special Education Teacher

BS in Psychology from The College of New Jersey
M.Ed. in Special Education from The College of New Jersey
BCBA Coursework completed at Florida Institute of Technology


  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst (pending certification)
  • Teacher of Students with Disabilities, Grades K-12, 
  • Elementary School Teacher, Grades K-5,
  • Teacher of English, Grades 5-8


  • Association of Professional Behavior Analysts, Member 
  • New Jersey Association for Behavior Analysis, Member
  • New Jersey Education Association, Member

“My passion for working in the field of Special Education started with my goddaughter, Charlee, who has Down syndrome.  Charlee was born the summer before I began my studies at The College of New Jersey and has continued to inspire me throughout my teaching career.  I started my career in an elementary school in Carteret, New Jersey teaching in a self-contained class consisting of students with multiple disabilities.  After working in Carteret for two years, I began working in South Plainfield, New Jersey in a 5th/6th grade building.  I taught English in a resource room setting and in an in-class support setting.  My most recent teaching position in South Plainfield is in the South Plainfield Middle School teaching the self-contained program.  I helped develop the program and coined the name, the LIFE (Life Skills and Individualized Functional Education) Program.  Through working with the wonderful BCBA in South Plainfield, I was inspired to pursue my certification as a behavior analyst.  I consider myself a lifelong learner and seven years after graduating with my Masters degree from The College of New Jersey, I enrolled in courses at Florida Institute of Technology.  I will be sitting for the BCBA exam in August 2017, with an anticipated certification in October 2017.

I am a firm believer that every behavior has a reason and have learned that behavior in general is widely misunderstood.  It has become my mission to educate parents, caregivers, and educators about the reasons behind certain behaviors and to help them work with their children to manage these behaviors.  My goal is to establish and enhance socially significant functional life skills and to bring about meaningful and positive changes in behavior.”